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Since 1998, A
scentergy has proudly served some of the largest commercial clients in North America reduce their energy costs.  For these customers, successful energy management is not only a strategic objective, it is a defining factor of their overall business profitability.

For example, when electricity prices soared over 50 percent in late 2001, one of our customers immediately realized that without an effective energy management strategy, one of their major manufacturing sites would no longer be financially viable.  In order to mitigate what appeared to be certain disaster, Ascentergy presented a comprehensive plan to help contain the customer's rising energy costs and business risk.  This plan included analyzing the customer's energy consumption, working with the customer's energy suppliers, implementing energy conservation tactics and a building a $70 million (USD) cogeneration facility.

After earning Board of Director's approval for every aspect of this sweeping initiative, Ascentergy immediately went to work delivering on every aspect of proposal, ahead-of-time and markedly under budget.  Today, this customer has reduced the energy portion of their manufacturing costs approximately 25 percent and generates on a monthly average, 30 megawatts above and beyond their typical power needs.  Not only does this surplus leave room for this customer to grow their business, it also presents incremental profit opportunities during periods of high-demand. 

In today's competitive markets, knowledge is potential power.  Executing an effective plan that properly leverages knowledge can mean the difference between success and failure.  Ascentergy enables decision makers build better businesses by making better decisions. 

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