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Ascentergy provides peace of mind by ensuring customer power requirements are delivered securely, on-time and within budget. 

By bridging the inherent gaps between wholesale commodity traders, brokers, suppliers, distributors and transmission firms, Ascentergy simplifies customer operations and helps reduce profit slippage.

In performing these duties, Ascentergy:

- Qualifies, and selects suppliers through RFI & RFP processes
- Negotiates supply, transmission and distribution agreements
Ensures relevant regulatory and reporting compliance
- Disseminates distribution rate and market trend analysis
- Formulates and executes long-term commercial hedging strategies

Ascentergy also prepares client specific reports including:

- Monthly accrual and imbalance
- Monthly hedge statement for FASB 133 compliance
- Monthly invoice reconciliation and performance analysis

In today's uncertain and volatile economy, Ascentergy represents an independent  strategic partner that is completely dedicated to reducing its customers energy consumption costs.  Ascentergy enables decision makers to make better decisions that help grow better businesses. 

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